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Re: Babylon 5: Ten Lost Tales that Sholud Be Found

Originally Posted by KoshN View Post
For the last , FOURTEEN YEARS, they've been 99.999% useless. Any good Warner Brothers and TNT did for the Babylon 5 universe, was done in the last century. Since 1999, all we've seen have been shoestring budgeted fizzles ("B5:Legend of the Rangers" -Sci-Fi, and B5:Lost Tales - Warner Brothers). When it comes to the Babylon 5 universe, since 1999, Warner Brothers have been faithless tightwads. They wait when they should act. Then, when they do act, MANY, MANY years after they should have, they're tentative and cheap.

...and THEN, they LOSE, SELL or DESTROY the resources that would make it easier and less expensive to start things up again.
Reality check:

1) Time Warner is the largest, most successful media company in the history of the world. They didn't get that way by throwing good money after bad. In fact, they got that way by mass-producing very cheap, high-quality entertainment, and trusting their people to do their jobs so long as they brought stuff in on time and on budget.
2) B5 was an example of this working. Subsequent projects are examples of it not working. Warners has lost faith in the product. While it's a dumb conclusion to make, I can totally see how they'd come to it. And the fact that they were still talking seriously about it as recently as two years ago proves they're not monsters.
3) If you want to bring B5 back to life, show a way to make it affordable and profitable within the current media environment. Bear in mind that Paramount/Trek and MGM/SGU were unable to do this. Paramount is making movies now because it makes more sense from a cost/return basis than cranking out another hundred hours of a TV show. MGM sinking 80 million into a show nobody watched (SGU) was a material contributor to their bankruptcy. Space-based SF is supercalifragilisticexpial-expensive.
4) You couldn't use 15-year-old sets on a show today. High-def. Even if they'd saved 'em, they'd be useless. Paramount saved the TOS sets for 9 years, and when they had an excuse to use 'em again, they realized they were entirely useless for a movie, and ended up rebuilding them almost from scratch. Also, they were badly deteriorated.

All that said, Warners' interdepartmental infighting has become byzantine in the last decade or so, and they frequently make decisions that don't appear to make any sense. Such as, say, cancelling Young Justice, or making everyone in the DCAU production group re-pitch their shows EVEN AFTER THEY WERE ALREADY ON THE AIR AND GETTING GOOD RATINGS. So they have gotten increasingly whacky, but that doesn't really negate anything I said above.

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