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Originally Posted by KoshN View Post
Get the old Crusade cast back, shoot Value Judgements, To the Ends of the Earth and End of the Line, and continue with the remaining (living) B5 and Crusade actors..
Have you SEEN Gary Cole lately? He's an old man. Not to mention the fact that he hated being on the show and evidently everyone hated having him on the show (I'm hesitant to say that, given what I just learned about Michael O'Hare, but that's the impression I'm given, which is why they were gonna' kill him off) Daniel Dae Kim is a big bohonkin TV star with two successful TV series behind him, one of which is legendary. His weekly salary is probably equal to Crusade's entire budget for an episode. David Allen Brooks was looking quite long in the tooth last time I saw him (He's pushing 70). Peter Woodward could do it. Marjean Holden is pushing 50.

What are we supposed to do? Say "Oh, the Excalibur hit a time warp and everyone aged 14 years since the last episode"?

Nah, your best bet would be to recast, with the possible exception of Galen. Build sets that are more-or-less identical to the originals so you can use clever CGI editing to salvage the performances by Lochley and Biggs. The surviving B5 cast could show up on occasion, of course. Easier to hide the aging on the characters wearing a lot of prosthesis. Mira Furlan looks great for her age, and Bruce cleans up well.

For all we know, that's what JMS had in mind. Of course for all we know, what JMS had in mind was capturing the morning dew in a bottle and having it cary him to the moon...

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