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Re: Red Fury - short B5 story by Claudia Christian and Morgan Grant Buchanan

Hoo boy! Lots of typical fanfic inconsistencies with the series. We've got cloaking devices, shields, turbolifts, shields, personal jumpgates, shields, Earthforce folks calling officers 'sir' regardless of gender, shields, interstellar travel 'twixt Earth, Minbar, and B5 in a matter of hours, shields, magnetic grapples, whatever those are*, and shields. Quite a bit of Trekishness squeezed into the story. Quite a lot of technological inconsistencies with any series we've seen.

Has there EVER been a ship in the B5 universe that had shields? I know for a fact the White Stars didn't have 'em, and if the Minbari didn't have 'em, then sure-as-shootin' Earthforce wouldn't have 'em.

I'm not impressed, and I flat out don't buy that Ivonova would get off scot free, *BUT* bonus points for actually moving the historical narrative forward. None of the other official B5 short stories have wanted to do that.

*- I SUSPECT Magnetic Grapples might be the things the Excalibur used to catch Lochley's fighter, but I don't remember.

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