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Originally Posted by Psi Cop View Post
I would be very happy for Rangers (JMS seems to hold them in high regard though I saw them as a minor storyline), Lost Tales (cheaply made and not really related to B5 story) and Crusade (too much like Star Trek for my liking and not much interest in the so-called arc of the series) to be erased forever. There are only two scenarios I think that would work for a 'reboot': a story set during the telepath war (my preference) or during the previous shadow war. Anything that does not involve the Shadows or Psi Corps will not work.
I think you nailed one of the problems of Crusade. While I liked the show, and very much wanted it to continue, it did feel derivative of Trek. Honestly, the only ship-based shows that don't feel derivative of Trek are BSG and SGU, and SGU was highly derivative of BSG, so that really doesn't count.

It ALMOST felt like "Hey, guys, I completely revolutionized TV SF with my show B5, and now I'm gonna' show that I can do your show better than you can, too."

I don't think there's much left to do with the Shadows, and the Drakh, for all their buildup, were a great big nuthin'. Psicorps is a huge bleeding hole in the narrative, though, I agree. that's got to be handled.

Personally, I'd like a show about the Rangers picking up right after B5, and covering the next 5 years, including the Telepath war. I wouldn't want it to be ship-based. I'd imagine a structure kinda' like the Justice League Unlimited cartoon (If you ever saw it) where you've got 7 principle characters and dozens of secondaries, who go out in different combinations to do various missions. That show was heavily arc-based, too.

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