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Aborted Reboot

Hey, everybody! Long time no me!

A couple years ago (Around the same time I drifted away from this site), JMS was dropping hints that something big was in the works. Then, typically, nothing.

In surfing around, I found that he spoke frequently of a "Reboot" with Warners, and that he had a good budget and a guranteed full-season deal up front, and he was quite excited about it before it all fell apart.

I've been wondering what he meant by "Reboot." I mean, there's no real reason to remake the B5 series itself, and he's frequently said that no one will ever play G'kar or Franklin again, out of respect to his friends. Those characters are retired. He doesn't seem like the kind of guy who'd go back on his word with something like that. So obviously it couldn't have been a reboot in the sense of what it usually means. He's typically mum on the details.

My hunch is this: it was to be a reboot of everything AFTER B5 itself. Rangers, Lost Tales, Crusade, they're erased from continuity, they never happened, and he'd start with a fresh slate. That's the only thing I can think of that makes any sense.

Whadya' think? Anyone else got any other information?

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