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Re: The Dresden Files

Originally Posted by fisheggs View Post
I'm thinkijng about starting the Dresden Files. Should I start with the DVD? And should I change the viewing order?
Tough one... I started with the show. At the time I thought it was GREAT... but then I started reading the books & my opinion of the show slowly started to drop. I now think the show sucked.

If you start with the tv show... watch it like it was the pilot for B5.

If you start with the books, keep in mind that... (IMHO) They don't really pick up until you get to Grave Peril (the 3rd Book), or Summer Knight (the 4th Book)... & be warned, (also IMHO) by the time you get to the end of Dead Beat (The 7th Book), the series will turn into an addictive substance, & you'll need to keep reading & rereading to get your fix.


& I forgot to answer the second question... go me.

In watching the show, keep in mind that... Storm Front (aka Episode 8) was the pilot episode for the show and it was basically the 1st book pancaked into a crappy tv episode. Hair of the Dog was the pancake they made out of Fool Moon (the 2nd Book). It doesn't really matter what order you watch the show in because they did each episode as like a "stand alone" & I don't really think they tied into each other.

Watch Storm Front first though... then the rest as they come along.

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