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Re: The Dresden Files

Originally Posted by KoshN View Post
Hmmmm.... Johnny Lee Miller (of Elementary) would make a good Harry Dresden, if he could sound like a Chicagoan.
He does a pretty decent (if not over done) New Yorker accent a couple times in Elementary.


I watched a Jim Butcher vid the other night on youtube... It turns out he's a B5 fan!!! I mean, the guy throws all kinda nods to scifi stuff in his books, but I never noticed a B5 nod. Dresden himself is a Star Wars fan, Molly's a Star Wars/Trek fan. Anywho, this vid was like an hour long and about a half hour into it he says that he really loved a series called... Babylon 5..... and how it was very well done or something. I gotta go look for the link now.

Found it... link

He was talking about how the writers of B5 had done a great job forshadowing future events in the show. It's 31 minutes in if you don't wanna watch the whole thing. & don't worry about spoilers for Cold Days...

But yeah... he talked about a bunch of stuff in the vid. They asked him if Harry would ever actually wear a hat and he said if he did he would get him like the Indiana Jones Fedora hat or something like that.

When asked who he would want to play Harry Dresden the guy asking the question said anyone alive or dead & Jim Butcher said a 1977 Harrison Ford. I couldn't picture Harrison Ford playing Dresden but I gotta admitt it would be cool to see... if they perfected time travel I mean.

Also he said he has the rights back if they ever do decide to do a movie or movies... SyFy doesn't have jack.

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