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Re: The Dresden Files

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What's wrong with showing his wizard's staff? In the LotR movies, Gandalf had one. They made so many little but pointless changes. Is there something wrong with keeping things faithful to the books? Being faithful to the books would have BUILT audience. People would have talked it up instead of pointing out everything that was wrong and/or different.
I liked the hockey stick when I first started watching the show... but then I started reading the books & found out it should have been an actual staff. Now I understand that it's weird to walk around in modern times with a wizard staff... but Harry does that in the books. If you think about it it's just as weird walking around with a hockey stick when you don't even play hockey.
His staff could have been used like a walking stick and could double as a fighting pike.

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Harry never even got to use fire magic in the show and that's his thing. How many buildings has the guy accidentally burned down while using fire? A lot. Then in the show... not even one... "FUEGO!"
I miss FUEGO! I even miss flickum bickus. Come to think of it, I can't recall where vocalizes a spell in the TV show. I guess the producers thought that'd be too much for the audience to handle.

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The only problem I had with Paul as Harry Dresden is when Paul let his brit. accent slip through.
Never noticed it...
I don't have a big problem with it. Check out "Bad Blood" in the flashback sequence when Harry and Bianca are talking at a bar. There are places in other episodes where his accent slips, but "Bad Blood" is where I first noticed it.

What I wish they'd do is make a theatrical movie out of each book, FAITHFUL TO THE BOOKS, starting with Storm Front, and put in all the R-rated stuff that they couldn't put in a non-pay channel TV show.
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