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Re: The Dresden Files

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I was happy with Paul Blackthorne as Harry Dresden, but the hockey stick has to go.
Yeah... that was one of my main dislikes in the show. That & the one episode where he was charging it by spinning the crystal.
What's wrong with showing his wizard's staff? In the LotR movies, Gandalf had one. They made so many little but pointless changes. Is there something wrong with keeping things faithful to the books? Being faithful to the books would have BUILT audience. People would have talked it up instead of pointing out everything that was wrong and/or different.

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Oh, & his blasting rod was a drum stick... I don't remember if he ever used it.
Caution: Say that between Thanksgiving and Christmas and drumstick has a whole 'nother meaning.

No, he never used it. It got destroyed by one of the baddies, burnt to ashes in seconds. The hockey stick got used as a sort of blasting rod, though we never saw him cause a fire with it. We also never saw the pentacle used.

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Paul Blackthorne did do a good job though... I've seen him on tv twice since Dresden Files. He had a small role in Deadwood, I think he ended up getting his throat slit, either that or got shot like everybody else.. & now he's in Arrow which I watch Wednsday nights. Not a bad show.
The only problem I had with Paul as Harry Dresden is when Paul let his brit. accent slip through.
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