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Re: The Dresden Files

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Did you get your copy yet? Mine is on the way (ordered on 11/16).
Well, first off... I strategically located myself next to a Barnes & Nobles for Thanksgiving. Then I overstayed my welcome & waited until Tuesday to come home. So of course it had to snow that morning. But yeah, they opened up at 9 & I got in there a little after that... got home & cracked the book open at like 10ish.

I probably could have finished it the same day but I managed to put the book down later in the evening. I was gonna just read a chapter or two today but it sucked me in again & I finished it off this morning.
I knew it! Truth be told, I bet you put your hand on the book, close your eyes and absorb it. I got sidetracked with catching up with CSI (watched Seasons 1 thru 12 straight through, and now I'm caught up with Season 13.) and Criminal Minds (watched Seasons 5 thru 7 straight through and now I'm caught up with Season 8.) when I was about halfway through Turn Coat, so I'm going to go back and read Turn Coat from the beginning, and then read Changes, Ghost Story, Cold Days and Side Jobs.

My copy and John W. Campbell Jr.'s "Who Goes There?" Seven Tales of Science Fiction arrived today.

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BTW, I just rewatched "The Dresden Files" in the Production Order, which is much better than Sci-Fi's order. I wish it had continued, even if it wasn't exactly faithful to the books. However, S1E12 "Second City" was a good ending, for what we got.
I hope they do movies some day... Harry Potter's got nothin' on Dresden..
Who would you cast in the roles? Maybe they could do one movie per book.
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