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Re: EpDis: Signs And Portents

Originally Posted by Orion View Post
I had always thought that if O'hare had stayed, that the end of the series would've been the War Without End eps, thus closing his character arc at the end.
Originally Posted by Psi Cop View Post
I agree that if Sinclair had remained the final episodes would have been WWE.
According to the outline, the Babylon 4 trip would have been the beginning of the sequel series, not the end of the Babylon 5 story. Sinclair was there to the end of the sequel as well.

Originally Posted by Psi Cop View Post
Sheridan taking on some of the arc clearly meant for Sinclair (both had wives involved in exploration/romantic involvement with Delenn).
On the Anna/Catherine both being explorers thing, I think it more likely Carolyn Sykes -> Catherine Sakai -> Carolyn Sanderson. According to the outline, Sakai was to have her memory erased in season three, which would have happened if she was taken aboard one of the Shadow ships. Catherine being on board the Icarus would not have made sense since Morden and the Shadows were already around in "Signs and Portents" and Sakai certainly doesn't seem to be under Shadow influence during the first season.
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