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Re: EpDis: Crusade: The Well Of Forever

It's this episode and The Needs of Earth that give me the impression that Matheson was bending the rules with his telepathic ability and using them for benevolent purposes. His exchange with Galen concerning Isabelle seems to point to this.

The case for this?

1. Telepathic ability is increased in hyperspace
2. Telepaths can pick up emotions more easily without gloves anyway.
3. Telepaths pick strong emotions up more easily and don't need to go poking around for them.

Galen's emotions must have been running strong given his entire reason for being where he was (and his reaction to Matheson's attempt to be spontaneously kind show this).

Are we expected to believe Matheson just happened to randomly stumble upon that strange subspace message... or is it not far more likely that he went looking for it in response tgo a need he saw in Galen?

I think we see the same motive at play with his exchange with Natchok Var. Matheson knew exactly what was going to happen (knowing the thoughts of both Var and his pursuers), and yet held back from acting on that information because he also knew that Var was accepting his fate as the best course of action in achieving his goal... hence the exchanged look between the two before Var leaves.
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