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B5 New CGI Effects - Personal Project

Hi everyone

I am a great fan of new CGI effects and have had a couple of friends reworking the effects on Blake's 7 and Doctor Who episodes for my personal collection.
So far we have finished about eight Blake's 7 episodes and one Doctor Who episode. Not just the space shots but monitors and viewer screen etc. For the Doctor Who episode 1 of the Ark in Space we have replaced the Ark window shots of light bulbs with the Earth below.
Having had such great results I have asked one of the animators to redo me an episode of Babylon 5 hopefully the first of many.

So I have picked one of my favourites "Interludes And Examinations" to start with and the first shot came in this morning and I will post it later today. No space battles yet but the first beauty shot of the station orbiting our (for me) slightly more interesting looking Epsilon 3. I will post more pictures if there is an interest so comment away.

Best Wishes

The Great One
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