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Re: Steve Burg - Some early design work on Prometheus

Originally Posted by Galahad View Post
Originally Posted by LongLiveTheNarn View Post
I did like it and it opens some questions to be answered in the following movies but yeah it could have been done a bit better... I mean, 1st contact with "engineers" and what happens? It trys to kill the humans like some fiendish horror movie monster lol that was pretty dumb
I've read some pretty intense theorising about the film. Most seem to agree that the central premise of the film is the statement "A king has his reign and dies."

The engineer woke up in a disorientated fashion. He was already being sent on a mission to drop those weapons on Earth 2,000 years ago (a producer has said that time stamp is relevant and may be explored in the sequel). His culture appears to be one of sacrifice. One of his species willingly ingested the liquid that breaks down his DNA and recombines it forming life on Earth. He wakes up and silently regards the visitors... he then sees a man who is resisting the natural order of life and death who is seeking immortality, a robot that looks like a human but that is immortal (barring injury), and an act of violence being acted out between two other humans. In some ways it is not surprising he kicked off like he did.
Hmm yeah well when you put it like that you have a good point.

I thought the design of the engineers was stunning. I've not read into theories much but have discussed it with people, I hear rumour of another race in war with the engineers. My friends didn't like the sound of this, I do though.

The baby Xenomorph at the end didn't look very good...

I'd be happy with another bug hunt movie like Aliens but that film would never be bettered imo. I do also like questions being answered but now we have to wait a couple of years for a Prometheus sequel, and again a couple of years after that for a 3rd movie and then guess what, I bet there will still be questions unanswered!
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