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Re: Skyrim Voice Actors

Originally Posted by Galahad View Post
Anyone ehard the news about the Elder Scrolls MMO? I think it's a fantastic idea.
Yes I have seen screen shots also and it looks awsome, my close friend was not impressd, I was however They have been working on it for some time and say it will be "The best MMO RPG out there when released" which is a bald statement.

Speaking of voice actors, there is another actor from B5 in an Elder Scrolls games (they do use different actors for each Elder Scroll game but they also keep the same regular ones from Morrowind, Oblivion and Skyrim). It's a common voice in the game, like many common folk and city guard characters voices are from this 1 guy that has a very distinct voice and I'm trying to rememeber exactly who he is in B5 but he's a slim, tall, light brown hair'd 40 year old (ish) American actor and a bad guy (deffo the same voice tho I got an ear for it). Damn sorry, this is all blabble cuz I can't remember exactly who they are lol oh well I blame weed

I'm sure Mollari's snooty British wife, the one he keeps out of the 3, has appeared in Elder Scrolls too.. Infact, as there were a good fair few British thespian actors used in B5 and Elder Scrolls, there must be more actors that have worked on both projects
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