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Re: EpDis: Sic Transit Vir

Was (future Regent) Virini's joke to Vir sort of a foreshadowing?

Q. What is more dangerous than a locked room full of angry Narns?
A. One angry Narn with a key!

(Besides the next scene showing the locked room full of Narn refugees, no doubt angered by the grievous things done to their world.)

G'Kar had noted (I believe previously) that "humans were the key" to the future of the galaxy... and just a couple episodes after this one, he is finally let into Sheridan's inner circle, and thus given this "key", in a way.... And in a way, he becomes very dangerous to Centauri designs on the Narns once he has this "key". (And "the key" might also be his own enlightenment, which allows him the patience and strength to thread the needle that he must (cooperate with Londo against Cartagia, bearing all that that entailed) to ultimately free his world.)

It seemed like a throwaway line at first, but even a little joke by a flighty court popinjay could have significance.

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