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Re: EpDis: Between The Darkness And The Light

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But thank God for the arrogance or whatever it was on Earthgov's part that made it fairly easy to spring him.
They didn't think Garibaldi was much of a security risk since he's the one who turned Sheridan in.
Yeah, but I meant the fact that he was not under heavier security, let alone moved to Earth, to guard against rescue by anyone (such as the Mars resistance). But Galahad had a point that PsiCorps had a (secret) stronghold at Syria Planum (not sure if that's where his holding facility was) on Mars, so that may be why they had him there. But Garibaldi did suspect (or had heard) that they would move him to Earth soon, where a rescue would be all but impossible--which sort of supports my point that Earth would be a more secure place to hold their most prized prisoner.
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