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Re: Comic-Con 2012

JMS' panel at Comic-Con yesterday was great! This is what I wrote yesterday:
Just got back from the convention center. JMS' panel was AMAZING!

Before it started, some young men laid down some wooden panels.

First we saw a sizzle reel that was beautiful, exciting and captured JMS' work past, present and future. My computer is horribly slow but it looks like it's been posted now at Twitter account is @studio_jms and facebook is StudioJMS

This is a dream com...e true for JMS (and lots of his fans!!!) and he's partnered with Patricial Tallman to bring all of his projects under one 'roof'. He reviewed several of them, including the web series, "Adventures of Apocalypse Al", The feature film "The Flickering Light", "Living Dead: The Musical", comics "Ten Grand" and "Sidekick", "Falling Angel" and "Guardians" and I believe a couple more. I'll have to listen to the recording.

When he mentioned "Living Dead: The Musical" the screen showed some of the Riverdancers and out came a troupe of Zombie Dancers who gave a brief show. As JMS said, we saw something we'd NEVER seen before.
and I've uploaded the video here:
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