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Re: EpDis: Between The Darkness And The Light

Drugged-up Sheridan, on seeing Garibaldi in the rescue party: "Michael... boy was I gonna kick your butt for something... but I don't remember." Classic line!

I kind of thought that the place they were holding Sheridan, the biggest fish they ever caught, would have been much more heavily guarded--or that he would have been transferred to Earth much sooner after his capture (they had him on Mars for a week or so already). But thank God for the arrogance or whatever it was on Earthgov's part that made it fairly easy to spring him.

Oh but that little tizzy Lyta got into about Garibaldi's joke ("I'm gonna sue somebody!") while walking through the tunnels into enemy territory (maybe you should do that more quiet-like)--that was cringeworthy.

Overall an excellent ep though, or at least one of that group of excellent eps that make up the climax of the Earth Civil War.

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