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Re: Comic-Con 2012

Two *big* announcements so far!

Studio JMS:

EXCLUSIVE: Comic-Con fixture J. Michael Straczynski will launch a new media company here to handle his prolific output in comic books, digital, TV series, feature films and video games. Studio JMS is designed to bring his output under one roof, and the idea is for the projects to cross-pollinate in other media.
New TV Series - "Vlad Dracula" for STARZ:
Writer/producer Straczynski, whose credits include "Thor," "Underworld: Awakening" and "Babylon 5," is teaming with producer Roy Lee, a heavy hitter in the horror genre whose credits include "The Ring," "The Woman in Black" and "The Strangers" for "Vlad Dracula," which Starz says will offer "a unique spin" on the Dracula tale that blends "the historical facts of the 15th century Prince of Wallachia." The series will trace the prince's "evolution from a revered ruler to the world's most feared vampire, and his slow downfall as he struggles desperately to hang on to his humanity, his wife and his kingdom."

Producer Rob Tapert, who has worked on Starz's "Spartacus," as well as "Xena: Warrior Princess," "Evil Dead" and "The Grudge," is also on board for the project.
Holy Cow! I'm at Comic-Con so stay tuned for any other tidbits JMS might drop during his spotlight on Saturday.

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