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Re: EpDis: Falling Toward Apotheosis

Originally Posted by Estelyn View Post
I must admit, I did have to look up "apotheosis" when I read this title! That would point to the Carthagia plot as being central, but there's so much going on that it's hard to see any one element as the main one. I continue to see similarities with Nero and the burning of Rome when he says of his planet "Let it burn."

The "shadow" cabinet is an amusing play on words, and I enjoyed this line: "Trouble with being infallible, you have to put up with everyone else making mistakes."

Sheridan comes across almost Messiah-like in the first scene, though he is the unwilling object of admiration. His resolve to kill the Vorlon is a surprise, and having Kosh involved, going against one of his own race, is an interesting twist.

After all that confidence and determination, it's amusing to see Sheridan's awkwardness when he proposes to Delenn.
I thought the title could apply to both Cartagia and Sheridan/younger races, in different ways. It was the first time Sheridan took a decisive stand against the Vorlons, which was a necessary step on the path of claiming the galaxy for the younger races and expelling the First Ones--which had "godlike" influence over the younger races, so when they were gone we would sort of move into their place (and hopefully do better), become our own "gods". In fact, I had first thought the title was referring to that, strangely, even though the Cartagia angle was more obvious.

I like the idea of "falling toward" apotheosis (godhood)--it sort of reflected the feeling of how things were really getting out of control then (whether by the madness of Cartagia, or the real uncertainty of how the new double threat of the Vorlons and Shadows would or could be dealt with).... Probably the most interesting episode title of the series.
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