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Re: EpDis: And The Rock Cried Out No Hiding Place

Originally Posted by GKarsEye View Post
Does no one care that he was actually innocent of the crime he was killed for? No?
I don't either, in the grand scheme of things, although I do think it's significant that this is obviously the main reason that motivated Londo to do it--it is the first reason given by the holo-Londo message*. If it weren't for that, or perhaps the power-rivalry developing between them that started with Londo half-poisoning him to get him away from the Shadows, it's very doubtful he would have gone through the trouble of doing something like this. So basically, it was mainly personal or selfish reasons that motivated this action--what Refa did to the Narns was used to motivate the Narns who would actually kill him, of course.

You could perhaps somewhat interpret the "don't kill the one who is already dead" prophecy to mean Refa--"half-dead" from that first half of the poison cocktail Londo gave him--in that the removal of Refa probably eliminated his most likely future rival for the throne, thus a big step toward dooming Londo to his Keepered Emperor fate. As I said elsewhere, I like to think there's some ambiguity and parallel possibilities in these prophecies. Note that Londo would later kill Morden ("dead" per Earth records) largely for the same personal reason... and that that may have furthered him along toward that keepered fate that could only be ended (and possibly redeemed) by death.

That all said...

Originally Posted by Jade Jaguar
Vir had every reason to be angry, he was sorely used by Londo, and was lucky he didn't come off much worse than he did.
Well yeah, and Vir probably understood very well his selfish motivations for doing the operation (mentioning the power rivalry, but also probably aware of the Adira connection, if Londo told him after Adira's death). But at the same time, I would think that his relief that G'Kar didn't get set up to be captured and executed--and thus the actions he was coerced to do by Londo didn't contribute to that end--would far outweigh his being used for political maneuvering (the kind of shenanigans that have gone on everywhere in Centauri history). I too thought his lines were petty bitching given the perspective that until then, he thought he'd been forced to contribute to the great wrong of betraying and killing G'Kar. Unless he had equal qualms in being used to kill Refa, well... maybe, just as he felt very bad after killing Cartagia (although he delighted in seeing Morden's head on a pike, which while he had no hand in it, had wished on him with some relish).

*And I just noticed on rewatch that the camera cuts to a far shot of Refa as holo-Londo gives this reason--"you've killed the only one I really loved" or however he put it--so that we don't see what would probably be a very "WTF" expression on his face. I thought that was kind of interesting.

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