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JMS Comic Con and B5

Thoughts everyone. JMS said on his facebook page that he would have a major announcement to make at Comic Con that was not necessarily B5 related. So what exactly does that mean ? He could have simply said, not B5 related and that would have put any speculation to rest. But the way I read into it he leaves the door open, just a tiny bit for maybe something B5. Maybe it is me holding on to that sliver of hope but awhile back Walter Koenig mentioned that JMS was working on buying the rights to B5. If I remember correctly, JMS said that Walter Koenig was mistaken and it was a misunderstanding. JMS and several of the cast members have posted pics on Facebook recently, to all our delight of some of the old gang back together. It could be something as simple as just catching up with old friends or maybe, just maybe... There is hope after all.


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