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Re: EpDis: Point Of No Return

This is the specific ep of the three-parter where the Nightwatch is tricked and trapped (in a clever "use the letter of the law" kind of way, like we've seen other times). While the next ep is where the actual declared separation of B5 from Earth occurred, there was absolutely no stopping that (well either that, or a successful clampdown by Earth, but the die was cast) from this point. This was Sheridan's moment of truth, indeed "the point of no return". The moment we've been waiting for since at least "The Fall of Night" was here, finally.... Sheridan finally took an overt and decisive stand (and conditions were ripe for him doing so) against the Shadow-darkened EarthGov, as we'd known he must eventually.

I'm not sure if I like this ep or the one following it more, but I know my heart really cheered when Nightwatch was successfully neutralized, and Sheridan effectively took control of B5 away from EarthGov. This, to me, is when the de-facto break with Earth occurred--the question from this point was whether it would succeed or not (answered in the next ep). The whole three-parter ("Messages from Earth" through "Severed Dreams") was amazing TV detailing this process of separation, which we've been waiting and wanting to see for awhile.

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