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Re: EpDis: Point Of No Return

Originally Posted by Estelyn
I agree that the prophecy must remain unclear - that is the nature of prophecy. Lady M correctly says, "The future reveals itself only reluctantly."
Originally Posted by KoshFan View Post
Is "the man who is already dead" Refa, Morden, or Sheridan?

I like the idea that it can be any of them--for different reasons (but with a general similarity). One way I looked at the quote "don't kill the man that is already dead", though, was that it implied there was no real need to kill such a person (i.e. he's "already dead", killing him would essentially be "overkill")--and that aspect seems to point to Morden, in that once the Shadows on Centauri Prime were destroyed, Morden was pretty much ineffective and no longer posed a threat*. No need to kill him (as he was "dead"--inert--in a figurative manner of speaking), but plenty of vengefulness drove Londo to do so anyway. Although it wasn't Morden's death that motivated the Drakh to take the specific vengeance they did on Londo and the Centauri, but the killing of their "gods" (Shadows) on that planet--so I'm not sure if the outcome there would have been different if Londo sent Morden on his way after nuking the Shadow base, or kept him in some Centauri dungeon indefinitely without killing him.

There's somewhat of a good case for Refa too though--that the same vengefulness that led to Londo killing (half-poisoned) Refa, was what wrapped him more tightly in the hands of Morden and the Shadows, perhaps making the horrendous path he'd go down inevitable from that point (and, might Refa have ended up the "keepered" Emperor instead otherwise?).

Sure JMS answered the question of his intent, but it's interesting that we can see how other interpretations can also make sense within the arc, in different ways. To me, that's a credit to the author, that he can weave a tale richer in layers than even he'll acknowledge (or may even be aware of). He's created a universe larger than himself, a work with a life of its own, and that's a good thing.

*Edit to add: except for the question of whether the Vorlon fleet would have destroyed Centauri Prime just for Morden's presence there--"anyone touched by Shadows". We see Londo was even willing to sacrifice his life as the planetkiller approached, when Vir pointed out there was still someone there touched by Shadows. But at any rate, Londo may have felt Morden a threat to his world still, but it is heavily implied that his killing Morden and putting his head on a pike was done mainly out of fury for Morden killing Adira and playing him as he did.

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