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Not the teep way. Teeps are the power behind the throne, they allow mundanes to be the front guy. They exercise power by advising the front guy. For instance in negotiations the buyer and the seller are both mundanes, they simply tell their man when the other man is lying.
I believe that is the way it has played out in the B5 universe, however I don't believe that is the way it would ever actually play out. Those with the power become the powerful, it is the great mandate of human history. For that reason I can't ever foresee a real future where there would be that many teeps and teeks running around and they would not be in the seats of power or at the very least have tried to gain the seats of power.
We're seeing, sort of, the process of them (by way of the PsiCorps) attempting to do just that, throughout the series. But remember that telepathy was first noticed among humans maybe 100 or so years ago (whenever the PsiCorps trilogy story started--I think it was close to the time humans first encountered the Centauri also), and that they weren't a very "united" group of people for most if any of that history either--there was a lot of distrust depending on what route one wanted to take with that gift (PsiCorps or rejection of PsiCorps), and apparently within PsiCorps itself. Remember that teeps were the only ones who could block each others' scans, and thus "hide" themselves or their own agendas from each other. And there was also quite a lot of fear of the "mundane" majority to overcome--and for many, PsiCorps was a way to "go along to get along" and appease that majority. An ascendance to full power over the human race would take at least a century, and quite a degree of unity among them, to achieve.

But their natural key to power would in fact be their stealth, and their abilities for blackmail and mental suggestion and manipulation of mundanes. Thus the course they were starting to take (backing Clark and becoming a key part of his control apparatus) was, I think, the most plausible.

But we also have the Shadows (who Clark was also in bed with) complicating matters--we see (in the Technomage Trilogy particularly) that the Shadows will use teeps where their abilities are particularly needed, but overall disliked and even feared them somewhat, and started "disposing" of them by making them into ship CPUs (I always wondered if battlecrabs CPUed by teeps should have potentially been able to block teeps from jamming them though--AFAIK that's never been an issue). So that would have also complicated any plans for a unified conspiracy of teeps for power--we don't get to see much of what goes on on Earth, but I imagine there was a lot of teep-against-teep backstabbing within PsiCorps itself as to who would get promoted by the Shadow-puppet organization that was Clark's EarthGov, and who would get "disappeared" and shitcanned into a battlecrab hull. And also, just as teeps could form a conspiracy, they could also disrupt one among their fellows (and be best able to do so).

Again, their main impediment was that they weren't unified.

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Bester cannot give an honest report, as he said, he would not be believed.
I viewed that as more of a pleasantry towards Sinclair. An official report would never fly, but an unofficial report to those in power that like Bester know all about the experimentation on Ironheart and many others would at least give his report the time of day if not find it completely believable.
I think you have a point here.

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