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Re: EpDis: Believers

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Which made me wonder--I've noticed there've been quite a few Star Trek franchise episodes that correlated closely with some hot-button political or social controversy going on around the time they aired--TNG and Voyager seemed particularly guilty of this. I noticed this because I watched a lot of those eps when they were originally aired. I didn't watch Babylon 5 when it originally aired but many years later, but it seemed the show largely avoided doing this (comparing to what I remember of the 90s), as it was more committed to an arc, and more universal (and timeless) themes. I'm wondering if maybe this was an exception, because it kind of smells like one
Well people have been using religious reasons to justify their actions for centuries, so it is really a timeless theme...

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there's no good way to resolve the values-lock involved
Just like life.
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