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Re: EpDis: Deathwalker

Originally Posted by snockit View Post
Think of looking at a abstract painting. If you didn't know the title or the description, you may interpret it different, where that is a valid way to appreciate art. It is how the art speaks to us, not necessarily how the the message was given from the artist.
Without any intention whatsoever to renew this debate, it's interesting how one of Kosh's lines from this very episode sort of ties into the issue of art interpretation: "a stroke of the brush doesn't guarantee art from the bristles." A very Vorlon quote--I take it to mean that art requires a deliberate intent and effort of the creator, that just throwing buckets of paint at a canvas doesn't make art even if something might be seen of the shapes it incidentally creates. Or something like that. A Vorlon, all about order and "correct" form, and the "who are you" of the artist, would probably interpret a lot of "modern art" as garbage....

I do think that how observers percieve the creation is a significant part of a work of art, but that creator's intent is also part of it. The harmony (or disharmony) between those views can prove very interesting, and can give the work sort of a life of its own--sort of like a child who carries part of their parentage with them, but also grows to be their own person. I think many good artists are as interested in how others will interpret their creation, as they are with what they themselves wanted to "say" with it. Some maybe even more so, maybe as a sort of "experiment".

A quibble with the terms used though: "retcon" is a word referring to a technical aspect of the work's process, not an interpretation of the work. Claiming something is a "retcon" is more analogous to claiming that someone used a specific type of brush (rather than another), than claiming the work itself means some thing. I.e. the creator (if he can remember what type of brush he used) is either lying or telling the truth when he claims he used brush x, or that he fudged a retcon rather than planned a possible trapdoor ahead of time--it would be a matter of fact (that perhaps only he knows, whether or not he's honest about it) rather than interpretation. But again, I don't wish to revive this argument that I wasn't even here for....

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