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Re: EpDis: The Fall Of Night

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They didn't seem to be idealistically inclined one way or another, but lived almost strictly for their own pleasures and ambitions--which would probably make them easy pickings for Shadow manipulation, without any direct worship per se (or even awareness of them).
My impression is that the Centauri weren't involved with the Shadows or Vorlons prior to the time of B5. Morden talking to Londo was their first contact with them. It was an advantage for the Shadows that the enemy Londo had was the race without telepaths.

Originally Posted by Alioth View Post
And the Centauri had telepaths--and Vorlons were generally responsible for the emergence of telepaths in at least most of the younger races (although I think it was said to be "all" of them that had them, but I'm not sure).
In dialogue, I'm pretty sure that we only ever hear that the Vorlons created human telepaths. There is the scene in "Secrets of the Soul" when Byron picks up Lyta's memories of the Vorlon homeworld that shows some other species but I can't recall which ones.
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