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Re: EpDis: The Fall Of Night

Originally Posted by KoshFan View Post
It was hinted at that the Centauri once worshipped the Shadows as gods, so the Vorlons probably never bothered to alter them, what with their distaste for touching anything a Shadow had already touched.
I missed that hint (that they had worshipped the Shadows) in all my viewings and readings. Was there something I missed (I often do find some new thing in repeat viewings)? Unless it had to do with
Spoiler for Technomage Trilogy (a big one):
their first emperor being blessed by technomages, and the association therein.
In the time of B5 anyway, they were a polytheistic race with various household gods that seemed to be purposed for bestowing various "worldly" advantages, rather than teaching larger (and more universal) lessons of ideals and such--and I got the impression that was long part of their cultural history. They didn't seem to be idealistically inclined one way or another, but lived almost strictly for their own pleasures and ambitions--which would probably make them easy pickings for Shadow manipulation, without any direct worship per se (or even awareness of them).

And the Centauri had telepaths--and Vorlons were generally responsible for the emergence of telepaths in at least most of the younger races (although I think it was said to be "all" of them that had them, but I'm not sure). Were there naturally-evolved exceptions in some races? Otherwise, the Vorlons did alter them, in that way.

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