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Re: EpDis: Revelations

Originally Posted by Alioth View Post
Although I didn't catch this when I first watched this episode on DVD, I note that the opening credit sequence for S2 included Delenn with her new look--so if you're one to pay attention to these, the "suspense" would be spoiled. Not to mention that her picture is also on the cover of the DVD case (at least the version I have).
Yeah, that's a DVD thing. If I remember correctly, in the original TV broadcast, the shots of Delenn in the S2 opening credits didn't update to have her new appearance until the episode after she revealed her new appearance. For the couple of episodes prior to the reveal, in the original TV broadcast, the credits used a shot of full-Minbari style Delenn. When they updated the show from it's original 4:3 broadcast ratio to the widescreen ratio for reruns on the Sci Fi Channel and the DVDs, they sadly only did the latter version of the credits instead of using both.
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