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Re: EpDis: War Without End Part Two

We see Delenn tell Sheridan, in the "time flash", not to go to Z'ha'dum--knowing what would happen, I can sort of see why from a personal standpoint (he'd be limited to 20 more years of life, and at the time of that scene the end of that was coming close)--but what would have happened had he not gone?

The conditions by which Sheridan could bring together the younger races, and convince the First Ones to leave the galaxy, would not have been there. The "unexpected door" he opened, bringing the Vorlon-Shadow conflict to a real, direct head rather than it remaining just one more proxy war like the ones before it, had initially devastating consequences (planet destroyers deployed and such)--but it was probably the only way the younger races could see them for what they had become, and reject their influence. In the end it might have saved more lives than would have been lost in another round (and who knows how many more rounds) of First One-inspired galactic wars as had been the pattern of history--and fulfilled a task that would inevitably have to be fulfilled at some time or other (younger races "growing up").

Delenn of course would have understood all this from retrospect, yet still made an attempt to change the past. A very "human" moment to be sure. The Minbari side of Delenn would have understood the necessity of her and Sheridan's sacrifice for the "big picture"--interesting that that didn't prevail, in that one moment when she tried to alter the past by telling Sheridan not to go to Z'ha'dum. No doubt Sinclair/Valen faced similar temptations to try to alter the timeline with his influence.

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