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Sactuary Season 4 ended in a way that could open new doors, or be satisfying as a Series Finale. No word yet, on if SyFy will pickup Sanctuary for S5 (Likely will be the last) or if they will cancel. The Producers could go somewhere else for airing/financing, so, if SyFy does decide to pass, therre's still a chance, but, right now, it's in Limbo, waiting for an overdue SyFy Channel response..
Overdue? Isn't this month about the time Syfy does its upfronts?

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I enjoy DS9 almost as much as B5, personally and by coincidence, I just started watching Voyager to give it another chance (Watched maybe half of in first run). The first couple episodes have been pretty decent so far.
In DS9, I couldn't stand Keiko or the kids, or some of the P.I.T.A. Bajorans. For me, the difference in quality between B5 and DS9 is that of night and day. On a scale of 1 to 10, with 10 being best, I'd rate B5 a 10 and DS9 maybe a 3, Voyager a 2, and with those DS9 and VOY ratings, I'm being charitable.

<shrug> I've been 110% tired of Trek for years.
Not sure what P.I.T.A. Bajorans are, but, the Bajorans only were a main plot point for the first two seasons of DS9, after than, the Religion and Politics and Mythology of Bajor faded into the background, and the Dominion Story started building. Keiko was only in 19 out of 173 episodes, only two more episodes than Leeta.
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