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Re: SyFy sucks

Originally Posted by Demonn View Post
I haven't watched anything on SyFy since the new Stragate show (which sucked) got canceled... It's all Ghost hunters & stupid (REALLY stupid) movies now, & it's been really stupid movies for a while. They should fire half of those writers and actors... no, make that 2/3rds of them. Or maybe all of them and start over.

I loved Battlestar & didn't even bother to watch Caprica...

Wharehouse 13 sucks... I can't get into it. I'd like to, but they gotta make each episode get stupid at least once.

I like Merlin but I've been watching it on Netflix which means I'm at the end of Season 3 & I refuse to just watch whatever season/episode that is playing now. I'll watch it eventually. SyFy... u do suck!
I agree with the majority of what you said Demonn. The SyFy channel needs a complete overhaul from top to bottom. The only thing I don't agree on is Battlestar Galactica. Stopped watching it into season three, ( except for the occasional episode ) when I could no longer keep up with whom was sleeping with whom. Some bad writing in my opinion. And the ending compared to Sleeping In light was pretty bad.
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