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Re: A Thought About the Vorlons

Thanks! Yeah, one or two loose ends out there. It's crazy re-watching and realizing just how thick the dialogue is with clues, indications, signs and portents, as it were. I remember going back to 'Infection,' and Garibaldi is telling the story to a reporter, in an off-hand kind of way, about how he and Sinclair met on Mars and went on a disastrous mission and got stranded in the desert and have been friends ever since. It's just so casual, and then they did that story in the comics. And did you see the alien skeleton in the hallway in 'Voice in the Wilderness' is the same as the alien body in 'Ship of Tears'? JMS was just so far ahead of everyone else in the storytelling he did, he thinks so far in advance. A few of the newer tv writers have caught up in some ways, but they just don't get it right, they don't see how a mystery has to have an answer that means something and make sense. Significance, impact, I just haven't see those in a series in a while.

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