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Re: EpDis: Z'ha'dum

I've been re-watching B5 from the start recently on DVD and just got up to Z'ha'dum. This is the first time I've really watched the DVD sets even though I've had them since they were first released.

I had probably watched my old TV recorded VHS copy of Z'ha'dum maybe 20-30 times back in the 90s, so I was following the episode along, remembering it word for word but then the DVD deviated sharply from my memory.

At the end of Sheridan and Justin's meeting, on the DVD, Justin says "You do what you're told. And so will you.". But I'm sure on my old broadcast version he said "BUT you do what you're told. And so will you." On the DVD he doesn't say the word "But".

Am I remembering it wrong? I threw away my old broadcast copy so I can't check it out myself. I found a Youtube video of the scene here.
The line is at the 10 min mark. It seems to be from the DVD because it's in widescreen. The subtitles for the line has the word "But" but he doesn't say "But" in the audio.

Does anyone with an old VHS copy of Z'ha'dum want to check it out and confirm my memory is right or confirm I'm going crazy?
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