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Re: Crusade episode order

<blockquote><font class="small">Quote:</font><hr>Originally posted by Nukemall:
<font color=yellow>There is a myth that there was an additional Crusade episode called 'War Zone' that TNT asked JMS to make as an introductory episode (instead of 'hitting the ground running'). So really it was more of a case of accommadating the new episodes rather than some evil network rearranging the real order. In general, the 'bellhop' uniform episodes were made first though I can't remember what order they were meant to be in.

That's probably not actually helped the matter.

Sorry.</font color=yellow><hr></blockquote>

"War Zone" is the logical first episode to follow "A Call to Arms" since it picks where "A Call to Arms" ends. The rest seem to more-or-less stand alone so any other ep could follow "War Zone."
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