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Re: Babylon 5 Christmas contest: Pewter Starfury

Quite a few years ago and a couple moves previous, I used to build model kits, namely spaceships and geeky mecha models. I tossed all of my in-progress models (why I have no clue now, presumably space and not wanting to pack them up. I don't remember now.) and consolidated all of my mecha models.

Fast forward to earlier this year when I finally watched B5 for the first time (yes, shame on me, I blame my Trek insistent family for not watching it originally) and fell in love with the White Star. I may have mentioned I'm a geek for spaceships. Anyway... I fell in love with the ship and had a "it would be cool if this were a model, and it might push me back into model making" moment knowing I'd have to rebuild my model making supply stash from scratch if I could find one. I was looking on Ebay randomly, and guess what's there staring at me. Yep, a White Star Model. It took all of five minutes of pondering before I bought it. And I found a few more ships I need to get eventually. (mostly B5 and some non-B5)

Recently the bf and I made a trip to the local hobby/model store. I had a shopping list of what I needed to get, and an idea of how much it was going to cost. He was the "token spouse" since he's the one who had no real idea of what was what in the store, but was carrying my stuff for me since I was buying a fair amount of stuff. Keep in mind I was the only female in the store other than the mother who was just there to pay for her son's purchases. We get to the register, and the guy behind the counter ignores me and looks at the bf who had to point out that he was just there to carry cargo, and that this was all my stuff. Register dude had to essentially pick his jaw up off the counter because a lady actually knew what various model supply bits were.

I'm currently in the process of rebuilding my supply stash, and sanding and filing the wee beastie and pondering a complex paint/decal job that's waiting for me. Then I'm going to try my hand at lighting a Fury, working on internal lighting, something I haven't done yet. I can happily say that watching B5 has brought back my love of model making.
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