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Babylon 5 Christmas contest: Pewter Starfury

Its Christmas and a time for giving and so I have decided to give away my Factory X pewter Starfury ( sorry, no stand ) and two starter decks for the Psi Corps starter game, to one B5 fan. All they have to do is post what Babylon 5 means to them. Examples would be, how B5 has changed thier life. A favorite episode and thoughts about it. A story about meeting a member of the cast etc.... Anything to do with Babylon 5. The contest runs thru Christmas eve and I will choose a winner the day after Christmas. Sorry but I have a bad work schedule so I may not be able to log in Christmas day.

I will ship out the package the first week of the new year. I will wrap the starfury in several layers of bubble wrap but I cannot guarantee it will arrive in one piece. Sorry to our friends outside of the United States but I cannot ship overseas or to any other country besides the United States ( sorry, I cant ship to Alaska or Hawaii ) as it might be a little to expensive. But you are welcome to give your thoughts on what makes Babylon 5 special to you. I have posted a link below so you can take a look at the prize. ( I might add one more item at the end of the contest. ) So, if it is ok with the moderator, let the stories of Babylon 5 and all that it means to us... Begin.


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