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Re: Skyrim Voice Actors

Originally Posted by PurpleChick View Post
Get thyself to Jorrvaskr (also in Whiterun as is Warmaidens) and strike up a conversation with Aela, stat! Do not pass go, run there now!!! Also get thyself over to Warmaidens and talk to Adrienne, stat! Aela's dialogue is rather snarky at times, which is very entertaining. There's at least two more characters that I know of so far that Claudia voices that I've come across in Skyrim thus far.

Also, Robin Atkin Downes voices Brynjolf, which he's credited for. I'm fairly certain he also voices other characters, but isn't credited for them.
First, welcome to the board!

Second, looks like my character has some running around to do tonight!

(funny how some times when watching a movie or tv show and you recognize someone and you 'just can't place it' ... video games bring a whole new level to that sometimes!)

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