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Skyrim Voice Actors

So, I am sure everyone has heard about the latest game, Skyrim; if not a quick summary:

"Big arse single player Role playing experience" -- best to think of Lord of the rings + any other fantasy genre.

Great story, and personally, have invested many hours into it already.

From that, in the game you can get Followers, characters that follow you around as you navigate the world and have associated personalities that react and comment on things you are doing. Voiced of course.

Well, I got one the other day, and thought her female voice sounded VERY familiar ... you see, this character I found in a local tavern; which promptly insulted my fighting ability and lead to a fist fight. Upon winning, she offered if I needed a travel partner as she REALLY liked fighting ...

(The character I am referring to is "Uthgerd the Unbroken", found in Whiterun to though playing along )

See, from that description you think you would know the voice actor already eh?

Claudia Christian ... love it. Gives a throw back to the good ol' days of listening to her comments and smart ass statements that come out every so often.

(don't have a direct link, but she is credited with "Additional Voices" ... )

Thought I would share this interesting realization


-> Link to the imdb of the voice actors:
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