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Re: Jerry Doyle Show

I listen to his show sometimes. I pay $2.99 per month for the podcast downloads, so I'm always at least one day behind.

I agree that it's good to listen to him sometimes and that there's a lot of Garibaldi in him. He even mentions Babylon 5 more frequently than I thought he might.

I often like to listen to his podcast the day after a big news event or a Republican presidential debate to hear his angle on things. I like how he cuts through the crap of politics. While he does lean Republican because he's a conservative, he has a lot of criticism for both sides because he's technically an independent.

But, I really have to be in the mood to listen to him because his long rants often get on my nerves, even when I agree with him (not that I always do). Sometimes he'll just go on and on about something forever, often repeating the same things he's said before, and I either space out or fast-forward. If I fast-forward it's usually to an interview because Jerry asks really good questions. His dialogue is much better than his monologue.
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