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Re: EpDis: Objects At Rest

Originally Posted by Lousy_Dodgers View Post
I do not recall it from the Centauri Prime Trilogy but I just wonder when Sheridan ever got around to remembering that he saw Londo's keeper in WWE. Granted, Sheridan thought he was avoiding that particular future by going against Dellen's advice, but once he learned about his 20 years to live, the wheels should have started turning in his head.
If he ever did put two and two together, it never says.

Which is something I've wondered about too. The Rangers seemed to know about keepers, as Marcus spotted the one on Captain Jack (not sure if he knew its nature though, but its nature was revealed by Franklin's examination of it, and Captain Jack telling them what he knew about it). You'd think that Sheridan, curious "collector of secrets" that he is, would have done some digging to find out what it was he'd seen in his "time jump" experience, maybe found out what intelligence the Rangers had on these (and we know from the CT that the Technomages, or at least Galen, knew what they were too), and begun wondering if Londo had already had this "Keeper" on him from the out-of-character things he was doing (or that were being done in his name). Maybe not investigating all this before "Objects at Rest", but some time in the next several years. Maybe even figuring out that the Drakh (who 5 years later would attack Earth) were hiding out on Centauri Prime. But none of that seemed to happen from anything I saw or read.

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