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Re: EpDis: Objects At Rest

Originally Posted by Jade Jaguar View Post
That still doesn't explain why they let him have alcohol on Centauri Prime, if they realized the danger. Also, he could have gotten drunk, and hidden a bottle in his luggage, before leaving. I'm sure he is clever enough to do that, if only for a contingency plan.
Remember though that sobriety is actually considered a "vice" among Centauri (the Regent's "only vice" as Londo had put it). Their spiritual beliefs are bacchinalian in nature. So not only would Londo arouse some curiosity among his acquaintances on Centauri Prime, but quitting drink would actually be a little scandalous, and everyone would be looking at him more closely. And as KoshFan said, the Drakh were very paranoid about anything looking out of place and arousing curiosity that could go places they didn't want it to.

In the Centauri Trilogy, the Drakh didn't need the Keeper awake and monitoring constantly to ensure their general will (and occasional specific instructions) was kept. The threat of them finding out what he'd done after the fact was enough.
Spoiler for Centauri Trilogy:
Like when Shiv'kala had actually laid out a plot with him to assassinate Sheridan (before the events of "Objects at Rest"), as a test, to see if he'd try to betray that plot. He did by dropping hints to Vir while inebriated, the plot was thwarted, and Shiv'kala knew he had a hand in that because of details of the plot he revealed only to Londo. And he then used the Keeper to punish him severely (and made him do "penance" by delivering the Keeper to Sheridan's future son as we saw in "Objects at Rest").
He was also effectively kept out of the loop on a lot of things, so there weren't too many beans he could spill anyway.

If you haven't read the trilogy, read it if you can find the books. I'll just say that the way the Drakh orchestrated events and actions on Centauri Prime was tragically fascinating--subtle yet thorough, and for the most part didn't even require Keepers on the various players, or even direct communications from the Drakh to them (most of them never knew they were there).

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