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Re: EpDis: The Paragon Of Animals

Originally Posted by KoshFan View Post
My reaction to Byron? First, he was an idiot, because he tried to scare people into doing what he wants. Which rarely ends well. Second, he was doubly an idiot, because he should have gone straight to Delenn. If anyone could wrastle the League into doing something positive, it was Delenn -- and if any race had spare planets lying around, it was the Minbari.
True that that would have been his best course--as we see that Delenn did sympathize more than the other Alliance bigwigs with their desire for their own world. But I don't know if he'd have known she was the "conscience" of the Alliance that she was--he was an outsider and didn't really know any of them personally (not sure how much opportunity he had to discreetly "read" her or what that would have told him). As a human, it was his fellow humans (Lochley, then Sheridan) that he first apporoached. But yes, he did some rash things. I think he was desperate, used to people rejecting them and not much caring about their plight (which made him bitter and tending to seek ways to force the issue--like the blackmail), and a bit self-righteous. Not sure what I'd have done in his situation.

I've said in another thread that with the few billion Sol-like stars in our trillion-star galaxy, there has to be some unsettled planet somewhere. They could have maybe even found one themselves after some research (and remember there was the former Markab homeworld, and also some worlds bombarded to extinction during the Shadow War even before the planetkillers came out), then only asked the Alliance for protection (although that probably would require membership, and they may not have been interested in that either) as their population was small and would still be vulnerable.

As for his arrogance which others mention--yes he does start to show it here. But up until this point I never knew that telepaths had to actively run noise, rhymes, or whatever through their minds in order to block out others' thoughts: I thought they had to actively seek to listen to the thoughts (with thoughts only "accidentally" getting through if they were intense enough), so it would be easy to choose not to. I.e. that violating privacy was an active act, not a passive one. But upon learning that it's a passive act, and they must exert themselves, actively clutter their brains, in order to not violate privacy, I guess I became more sympathetic. It's sort of like making someone of greater agility walk around with weights shackled to him so he'd be "equal" to everyone else (I think there was some short story I read about some dystopia like that). Yes, I'd be terrified if there were actual telepaths who could read my mind without effort. But in this universe, they can't help it, and asking them to actively cripple themselves doesn't seem right. Of course it's a complicated moral dilemma, as JMS intended it to be. But if they're seeking their own planet where they can keep to themselves, that seems like good way out for all concerned, and you'd think the "mundanes" of the Alliance would be jumping to help them do it.

I don't have the sheer loathing of Byron some seem to have here. He's flawed, he makes mistakes, but ultimately he does take full responsibility for them, which is better than many people do. And talk about being between a rock and a hard place....

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