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Re: EpDis: No Compromises

Originally Posted by Estelyn View Post
The big question is, is Sheridan making a mistake by allowing the telepath colony? Could he have done something else that would have prevented the upcoming war?
I think that, given the principles upon which he was building his Alliance, he almost had to.

Okay, there was the part about allowing all members autonomy in governing their own people (i.e. internal civil or personal rights issues weren't in the Alliance purview)--but human teeps in a very significant way were arguably (becoming) their own race on Earth, and they certainly were being treated as such (and not in a good way). I think the "spirit of the law" so to speak of the Alliance would imply an obligation to protect them in any bid for self-determination. Obviously the B5 haven would have to be temporary if great numbers of them ended up joining it--and of course there's the issue of sensitivity of diplomatic secrets on B5 which as we know would end up being violated (that was a serious breach of good faith on Byron's part)....

But given the situation at that time, I really think Sheridan had to do it. For his part he probably should have sought as soon as possible someplace else where they could go though, before they even asked for a homeworld. But hindsight is 20/20.
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