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Re: EpDis: In The Kingdom Of The Blind

On the Centauri front, knowing (on second viewing, plus having read the Centauri Trilogy) the terrible fate awaiting Londo which the poor Regent was presently enduring, I found the scene of the Regent's exhortation to Londo to "enjoy life, while you have time" and his mournful comment "I'm so sorry" (which Londo had no idea what that meant) to move me almost to tears. The Regent was a kindly old man, and (from what we saw of him before, advising Vir on his reports) probably one of the few real honest men in the Centauri court, although he was a bit flighty. Terrible to see him suffer punishment from Shiv'kala through his keeper for just hinting to Londo what was to come (and really not revealing anything to him). And Londo, after finally starting to become a better man on a path of redemption, would still be damned to the same terrible fate....
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