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Re: What would you like to see a new B5 project cover?

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With Other being:

I'm wondering if it almost would have to be a reboot though, given that we only got a half season of the original, about a decade ago. It would be different if we actually got to a significant point in the intended arc before cancellation, providing a clear jumpoff point for a continuation. I certainly agree that rebooting B5 itself would be a bad idea, but hardly any of Crusade was ever told in the first place.

But the option I guess I intended was for Crusade in general, however it could be made to work, restart (reboot) or continuation from whatever was supposed to be the last episode....

The Centauri Trilogy cannot be done because G'Kar figures heavily in it.
Yeah, true dat... Anyone else doing G'Kar would be found seriously wanting I suppose. Wouldn't be the same G'Kar we know and love .
Crusade got 13 episodes and that's good bit upon which to build. The Legend of the Rangers only got a Sci-Fi Original pilot/TV movie that's on par with most other Sci-Fi Channel Original movies, and that's NOT praise. IMHO, Crusade is infinitely more worthy of continuation than the Rangers pilot.

NEITHER Babylon 5 nor Crusade should be rebooted. They should be continued, BUILDING upon what's already been produced. All Warner Brothers would have to do is get B5 into reruns to get todays audience up to speed on it, and then they could continue B5 with both The Technomage trilogy, the Psi Corps trilogy with the Telepath War inside it. Regarding Crusade, they could patch together a full first season (filming Value Judgements, To the Ends of the Earth and End of the Line), and then start the second season. I they weren't going to do it on TV, they could do it in novels.

Alternately, they could refilm Crusade today using the existing scripts, today's CGI and as many of the original actors that they could get. However, every effort should be made to get Gary Cole, Carrie Dobro and David Allen Brooks.
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