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Re: What would you like to see a new B5 project cover?

"I'm not familiar with "In Valen's Name" (is this one of the comics?), but my recollection of "To Dream in the City of Sorrows" was that he "found his reward" (Sakai) after he mysteriously disappeared from the Minbari following the war, and I think that was after another jump in time or something--I'd have to look at the book again though. I do tend to misremember things sometimes, even after a short time--getting old I guess. But the language might be ambiguous enough to allow for her to have been found during his tenure as Minbari leader as you describe. Still though, she probably would only occupy part of the story, that toward the end."

Yes, "In Valen's Name" is one of the comics.

At least the Centauri look sort of human! Okay, I know that physiologically they are quite different from humans. And anyone who knows anything about the Roman emperors or the Borgias would recognise some similarities between the two cultures.

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