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Re: What would you like to see a new B5 project cover?

Originally Posted by Bab5nutz View Post
There is Catherine Sakai. In "To Dream in the City of Sorrows" - which I understand is pretty much canon - she fell through a time rift or something. It's been a while since I read the book, so I don't entirely remember. The book hinted part of the reason Sinclair took B4 back in time was because he hoped to find Sakai. In "In Valen's Name" Valen appears right at the end and says "I've found her". And then there was that little revelation in "Atonement" when it turns out that Delenn is a descendent of Valen - he married and had kids. Who was Valen's wife I wonder? There were three Triluminaries - did Sakai become a Minbari?
I'm not familiar with "In Valen's Name" (is this one of the comics?), but my recollection of "To Dream in the City of Sorrows" was that he "found his reward" (Sakai) after he mysteriously disappeared from the Minbari following the war, and I think that was after another jump in time or something--I'd have to look at the book again though. I do tend to misremember things sometimes, even after a short time--getting old I guess. But the language might be ambiguous enough to allow for her to have been found during his tenure as Minbari leader as you describe. Still though, she probably would only occupy part of the story, that toward the end.

My concern was that a show depicting this period would not only be non-human-centric, but that humans would have a very peripheral role at best (besides Valen himself) and appear in few of the episodes--this was during Earth's 13th Century, very little is alluded to have happened with humans during this larger conflict (other than mention of "Drak'hul" (a seldom-seen Drakh who set up some little kingdom supposedly behind our "Dracula" legends) in the Centauri Trilogy, and the Shadow ships buried on nearby Mars possibly hinting at other covert operations on pre-spacefaring Earth, and that Vorlons have periodically done things with the humans too in their history--did any famous angel sightings or major religious revelations occur then?). I'm not sure if there's ever been any televised sci-fi that didn't have humans in at least somewhat a prominent role, and whether that would be necessary to keep human viewers' interest on a mass scale. Of course, centering on Valen and maybe having him recall his human "past" and pursuit of his human bride might be enough to get us to relate to him more as a human, in Minbari form. He definitely introduced some human ideals, like "community" (uniting the castes in common cause and restructuring Minbari society), without any Minbari ever being aware of what he was / had been.

The Centauri Trilogy is similarly non-human-centric, but humans at least were out and about among the stars then, and some obviously human players such as Sheridan and Galen play important parts.

But maybe I'm overthinking this whole issue and what mass audiences would go for. I know I'd enjoy it, just the same.

On a side note, another race we know little about historically are the Dilgar. As powerful as they were (taking a huge community of spacefaring races to finally bring them to heel after they terrorized much of the galaxy for many years), I've wondered if they could have been spacefaring like the Minbari during that last Shadow War, and if they were allied with the Shadows then, as the Minbari were with the Vorlons. They just may have overextended themselves in the Dilgar War prematurely, before the Shadows came back, thinking perhaps in their pride they could do it without them....

My votes are the Valen scenario, the Telepath War, and the Technomage Trilogy. Those would be my top 3, with honorable mention for Crusade and Earth during the Shadow War.

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